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Bespoke Experiences on Tap 🛎️

We provide the Space, Opportunity & Resources to assist INSPIRED INTUITIVES & CREATIVES in ELEVATING & EXPANDING their Practices, REIGNITE DISENCHANTED CREATORS & SPIRITUALISTS, and TRANSPORT LIGHTWORKERS to a Whole New Paradigm of Possibility



About Me (Meet The SHOPPE OWNER)

Hey there!

I'm Shaleahia (sha-lia).

I’m a Dream Life Architect, Cosmic Seductress, Aesthetics Connoisseur, Multidisciplinary Designer, Dreamer, and Doer, Teacher, Healer of Healers, Serial Creator, Channeler, Writer, and all-around Renaissance Woman, amongst other things...

I create & curate tailor-made solutions, experiences, and elixirs for visionaries, hedonists, and healers who desire a dance with the divine and a sip of the sublime 🩰⛲.