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The No-BS Guide to a Sexy, Strategic, Soul-led, & Supercharged Sustainable Biz Design

There'll be no sleeping on this beauty

It's time to be who you are and show the world what you're made of through a super dreamy, distinct, and dynamic personal brand + biz model duo with the legs to carry your creative legacy & the power to catapult you & everyone you serve into your best happily ever after lives...

Elevating Ethical Empirebuilders

Elevating Ethical Empirebuilders ⋆

The Roadmap

  • LEARN a new way to see business as a whole and Switch from a mindset of excessive Productivity to one of Precious + Prolific Creativity

  • Reimagine success for yourself, EMBODY innovation, and cultivate a brand story + strategy inspired by your own personal story & vision for the world

  • Go on a unique excursion that bridges the gap between concept, theory, and tangible experience, ensures Mastery in Execution & trademarks your Midas Touch → build the perfect hybrid biz model for you that shines a light on your genius & positions you as the one of a kind badass you are

  • Implement The New C Suite to Elevate your Personal Brand, Take your rightful position as the Leader of your business rather than its (possibly under)paid & overworked employee, Creatively Chart your course ahead + Add to the Foundation already set with a Brilliant Masterplan for creating your own Market and putting Sales on autopilot, → learn how to Function in an emerging Humanistic Economy built for Conscious Creatives & their Communities, and Establish a secret Personal Board of Advisors to take you further faster

The Curriculum

(Self-Paced) Class starts Fri, Feb 3rd


  • A 3 SUPER MODULE Journey to take you from Biz Vision to Fruition


  • A Bonus Interactive Intuitive Reading Experience for divine guidance with your strategy


  • My Handmade C-Suite DASHBOARD: The Digital Altar for your business plans & projects built in Notion
  • (ft a Jam-packed Resource Hub w. Original, Curated & Inspired Blueprints built-in)

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